Trusted Tablets: International Service with Cheap Generic Drugs

Trusted Tablets is a relevant and legit resource for all categories of users, regardless of social status, age, or material status. In some situations, you can buy the necessary medication only at an online pharmacy (for example, when there is no opportunity to go out because of disease or employment). We are talking about clients with disabilities, young mothers, pensioners, single people, etc.

The advantages of an online pharmacy are noticeable from the very first visit to the site: the convenient interactive interface is fully adapted to the information client’s needs. With the help of the personal account function you can easily:

  • make a purchase;
  • store the purchased goods in the online shopping cart;
  • monitor the total check;
  • leave feedback.Trusted Tablets_ International Supplier of Cheap Generic Drugs

Online pharmacy, which stands out among competitors, enjoys a positive reputation in the pharmaceutical business:

  • loyal service;
  • reliability of the courier service;
  • rich assortment;
  • perfect quality of goods;
  • affordability.

The moderate cost of goods is the result of a worked out marketing policy: prices in our online pharmacy do not include additional expenses for the rental of large offices, salaries for employees. As a result, its range is available to any target audience.

Tasks and duties

  • Timely satisfaction of the needs of the population and healthcare institutions for medications and other pharmaceutical products;
  • Implementation support for nationwide producers;
  • Organization of competitions and the implementation of centralized procurement of medications;
  • Provision of free of charge information to the population and health care institutions on medications and their availability in the pharmacy;
  • Organization of practical training for students of educational institutions with the pharmaceutical profile and internship of their graduates;
  • Maintaining a stable financial condition and effective management of the enterprise.

Drug search, monitoring of new products, information assistance

The online catalog consists of top groups of products necessary to maintain health, hygiene and beauty. The assortment includes the following positions:

  • full range of drugs and medications for adults and children;
  • goods for pregnant women;
  • hygiene products;
  • family planning means;
  • a wide range of beauty products and products for hair, skin, teeth, etc;
  • vitamins and supplements.

The range of online pharmacies consists of popular segment brands. It is also important that among the presented brands there are products that are not always possible to buy in a conventional drugstore.

Each client of our online pharmacy has the right to transparently form a shopping cart. All positions correspond to the characteristics declared by the manufacturer, are made strictly according to technology, certified. As a result, it is almost impossible to buy expired or unlicensed medication at Trusted Tablets.

With the help of active information support, you will always:

  • aware of replenishments in the product group you are interested in;
  • aware of promotions, discounts and bonus programs;
  • have a right to order from our Internet pharmacy at any time of the day;
  • be in touch with a pharmacist.

The range of online store pharmacy has about 300 items, including products of the pharmacological category, among which everyone will find the right medication for treatment.

Most Popular Products

Viagra is a drug whose name has long become a household name. It is associated with an extraordinary male power that can win any woman. After applying Viagra pills, it will help you get not only the body’s natural reaction caused by sexual excitement but also to keep an erection for a long time. You will feel an unprecedented amount of strength and energy, and your partner simply will not be able to say no to you! The drug has very high effectiveness, thanks to which it gained recognition from men all over the world. Buying Viagra – you gain sexual health!

Cialis, along with other similar brand means to correct erectile dysfunction, is the undisputed means of combating one of the most unpleasant disorders for men. The pharmacologically active component of Cialis is tadalafil. It is released in 2.5, 5, 10 and 20 mg.

Levitra is the trade name of a medical product intended to treat erectile dysfunction or eliminate its symptoms. The active ingredient is vardenafil hydrochloride. The daily recommended dosage is 10 mg, usually taken 20-30 minutes before sexual intercourse. If the effect is not quite expected, then you can increase the dosage up to 20 mg. But remember, 20 mg is the maximum dosage, and during the day you can not repeat reception. If you feel manifestations of side effects, which include a headache, vision impairments, rapid heartbeat, it is recommended to reduce the dosage to 5 mg.

Avana is a breakthrough medication produced to treat erectile dysfunction. This is a body condition in which a man is unable to maintain or achieve an erection. The appearance of the drug is produced by the small pharmacological company Vivus. Employees of this company, conducting research in 2009 in California (USA), invented a new active ingredient – Avanafil. Avana 100 mg was authorized for sale in the United States in 2012 and Europe in 2013. All production rights were initially owned by Vivus.

Viagra Professional starts working at the moment when a man feels a sexual desire. In this case, nitrogen is released, which allows the veins in the genitals to expand, which is necessary for stronger blood flow. The drug allows you to fully fill penile cavernous bodies with blood, which guarantees excellent durability of a natural erection. The penis maintains an excited state for 4 or more hours, which provides the possibility of multiple repetitions of sexual intercourse. Viagra Professional only needs persistent sexual desire, which can be explained by the fact that it affects a number of natural mechanisms, in contrast to artificial stimulants.

Quality control

Quality control of medications in Trusted Tablets is carried out in accordance with current legislation. Each set of drugs supplied to our pharmacy is accompanied by documents confirming the quality of these drugs. Specialists of the quality control department ensure that the supplied medications are checked for compliance with the documents confirming these drugs’ quality.

Drugs are monitored daily according to the information letters for detecting counterfeit and rejected drugs, as well as unregistered medical products. Identified substandard products immediately withdrawn from turnover.

Separate space is taken by the storage of medications. The conditions of storage and transportation of drugs are carried out in accordance with the regulatory documents of the US Food and Drug Administration, as well as the requirements of manufacturers. This is especially important when storing and transporting medical immunobiological agents and other thermolabile drugs: many of them lose their healing qualities literally within 2-3 hours in conditions different from those prescribed by the manufacturer. The quality and certification department carries out monthly monitoring of compliance with the relevant requirements.

Privacy Policy

None of the information presented on the website of our Internet pharmacy cannot and should not be dominant in making any decision (on changing the schedule and procedure for using drugs that are recommended by the doctor, etc.), as well as on the implementation of any actions. In no case, should you completely use this instruction as the main guide to self-treatment. Remember, self-treatment is always dangerous. The user assumes all responsibility for all further consequences of obtaining and subsequent use of any even reliable information contained on the website. There are no complaints about the administration of the site about any harm, damage incurred as a result of illiterate use of information (meaning the incorrect use of the products described on the site, etc.).

Customer Care Support

Our company offers its customers a reliable level of protection. We have set up special encryption services to prevent the hackers to gain access to the data left on our website. Also, we do not trade, sell, distribute or disclose customers’ personal data. The only exception may be done when this data is required for filing a lawsuit. Hense, our company doesn’t bear any responsibilities if your data has been already disclosed by any other online service. There are cases when we store the data from cookies but they are not used to bring you harm. If you have any questions you are welcome to address our customer care support. They will consult you independently as careful as possible. Use our contact form and the operator will process your inquiry within 24-48 hours.

International delivery as the main advantage

Our service is the company offering international delivery for all customers. The borders do mean nothing for us. There are 2 main companies which will bring your parcel to any specified address including PO boxes. They are:

  • Standard airmail service – $10.00;
  • Trackable service – $30.00.

Standard delivery requires 2-3 business weeks. Trackable delivery lasts 5-9 days depending on the destination. There are cases when the parcels are delivered at the maximum periods. The maximum waiting period of standard delivery is 30 business days. The express delivery maximum waiting period requires 14 days.

As a bonus, you can get free regular delivery. If your total exceeds $150.00 your parcel will be delivered free of charge. It is an attractive option for people buying many drugs. Our company is a service which is able to satisfy all customers’ needs. We also attract customers offering free sample pills to every order. Now, we require a prescription to make an order online. Get the details at customer care support service.

We are glad to welcome you on our service. Find the medication necessary for the treatment. The online catalog is diverse plus there are attractive bonuses and discounts. Arrange an order and start improving your life at the very moment.

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